Usb-c not working for data transfer

Now always.
I cant use the type-c connector.
I can charge the tablte with it, but if i want to connect a pendrive, it’s led isn’t turning on at all.
I tried an external ssd too but nothing.
This all started after the windows popped up this:
Power surge on usb port
What can i do?
The other port are working fine.
I charge my tablet with the original chuwi charger.

Windows can block a device when it receives an unexpected response from it, leaving the resource disabled.
My advice is that you perform a restore from the Windows options: startup, configuration, update and security, recovery, reset this PC. It will ask you if you want to keep your data and then it will start a long process - it may take several hours depending on how busy you have the internal memory - that you should not interrupt, put the charger and let it finish. And don’t turn it off even if it looks like it’s stopped.

The issue is:

The output power line of the usb-c is shorted to ground by itself.
We are trying to fix it. I hope that the main power line is still good.

@manonegra222 what a great solution - restoring your Windows. Do we need to do this for every problem with Chuwi products… lideeeer

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