Hi10 pro bios setting

Hi. Can someone write down his/her bios setting, if you have working USB-C otg.
Mine otg support isn’t working. This is a brand new motherboard from the chuwi offic hungarian service guy.
He said he could use it, but i made a bios reset. Now it isnt working.

Under normal conditions, the C port of the Hi10 Pro works for data. It is not charging port or HDMI output.
What does happen is that the connector is very deep in the tablet and not all USB C cables make good contact.
Sometimes it is necessary to trim the plastic surrounding the cable connector

That is incorrect. The USB-C port on the Hi10Pro is the [only] charging [port. It also works for data.


You’re right, I didn’t express myself well. I meant that it may be charging through port C but that it has no data or vice versa, that it has data but that it is not charging because the connector does not arrive enough to load and must enter deeper.

It is really a problem with the length of the USB device / cable. I now got it to work for data by using a USB-C dongle for microSD which has a very long C connection and I can read the microSD card in it now.

For connectors that do not have the necessary length it is possible to cut a millimeter of the surrounding plastic with a cuter