Vi8 + ................. boot to usb?

hi fellow users…
i was told by ‘chuwi’ technican, for boot press ‘power burton.’
anybody know the process?

I don’t understand what you are asking. Can you be more explicit?

Vi8+ model:
how to get it in ‘boot mode.’ i wanna boot my vi8+ into boot for win usb.
chuwi technical only responded ‘press power button.’

that is not correct, you cant just press the ‘powwr button,’ and enter boot mode.
do you know?

try power button + vol-

well, i am able to scroll up and down, and ‘it will highlight’ (as you see in attachments)
but it doesn’t let me change them. (+/-, enter, not functional)


(prior to 3rd resp)

re: bios access…‘pwr + vol button’ (press pwr button few seconds, hold vol +) works.
t.y. manonegra2xx…