Video Resolution in BIOS

I am trying to get into BIOS with F7 but I get a message of “optimum resolution 1900x1200”-ish which apparently my monitor does not support. Note it works fine once windows boots and sets appropriate video settings.

Can I change the video resolution for BIOS to something smaller? For now I can probably move this to a larger monitor but ultimately I would like to dual boot on smaller monitors that may not support a specific resolution.

Related, is there a user manual for the Larkbox Pro?

Thanks. Otherwise loving this tiny box so far!

Unfortunately your issue here is that the BIOS resolution and frame rate (likely 640x480 60Hz) is not compatible with your monitor. It isn’t possible to change the resolution parameters of BIOS so you ail need to find an alternative monitor.

Chuwi no longer provide manuals for new models, sorry.

Thanks, that is what I was afraid of. But it wasn’t a low res it was 1920x1200 that my older monitor couldn’t handle. I tried it on a newer larger monitor and it worked fine. I will see if I can get a photo of the message later.