Where to buy POWER IC AXP288C for CHUWI Hi12 tablet

Good day

Just new in this site. I would like to seek help if anyone can share or have an idea where I can buy a power IC for my Chuwi Hi12 tablet. My tablet is not charging and as per the technician that checked the issue , Power IC is defective and need to be replaced. It’s hard to find Chuwi hi12 parts in my country Philippines. I tried searching online cant find compatible one for my tablet. I also send an email to Chuwi Services in China but I got a response that they do not have Power IC.

I have attached here the model of my Chuwi Hi12 tablet and the Power IC I need.
Power IC Part number:
G8214DA 6951

Chuwi Model
Inpt:5v=3A Model: CHWI520
Hi12 Q64G45161102930

I really need to get my tablet fixed as I’m using it for my work. Hope you can help me.
Thank you very much in advance.

Thank you for your help😄I’ll check on this.

@Biosham good day
I just noticed that the products on the link have AXP288C which is good. However im not sure if its compatible since mine is G8214DA 6951( I dont know what this code is called) is not indicated on the links.
Is AXP288C still compatible even if different in code?

Power IC Part number:
G8214DA 6951

It doesn’t matter what is written in the line below, the main marking is axp288c.