Which changes would you make in our laptops?

Some people say change the bezels, make the trackpad bigger, just write what you think after using the products so i will send it to my colleagues.

Be more transparent. Provide more specifications. Provide better technical service. I asked a question about how to re-flash thr BIOS of my Hi10X and nobody has answered; not even from technical service. Why is that? Do you expect us clients to recommend you if you treat us like this?

Unmais now is holidays is CHina, i already read your message and if no other user answer you, i will send the picture to my tech guys when we come back on 18th, so they can tell you which one is the Bios chip.
My colleagues in support are always willing to help, but take into account that many times users ask things our of our reach. You changed the Bios and want to reprograme it, we normally provide the Bios file, but we always recommend not to change as these things can happen.

Introduction of Part Numbers for batches of products that can use the same bios and drivers. Part Numbers represent the BoM of parts and can also be used to manage part pandemics. This will help in better support to us.

@jaap you mean all the parts that for example the laptop has , the model number of the things inside the motherboard?
Or just the serial number in batches together with which drivers and Os have each of them?

@Unmais i already asked Tech which one is thew Bios chip. waiting for their answer

I meant the laptop as a whole. Each product line has a marketing name like Minibook or Larkbox. In the product line there can be models like Minibook X, Minibook X 2023. Then models have different Part Numbers to distinguish internals.

Of course internals have Part Numbers as well, but in general you do not have to disclose them, because they are not field serviceable.

Now you use individual serial numbers to support your products. I even understood that your support site is outdated to map the right serial number to the appropriate software.

I think a clear naming and numbering policy would help you to improve support of your customers.

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Hire some people familiar with Linux and have your laptops Linux (e.g. Ubuntu) certified. It doesn’t have to come with Linux preinstalled, but having it certified meaning we Linux users don’t have to do any guesswork installing our preferred OS.

Many big brands do so, despite not shipping their laptops with any Linux preinstalled, as on this list.

Ok, im writing everything :wink:

I just experience it and remember this thread: for type-C chargeable devices, please provide the port on each side, so the charging cable can go left or right based on the surface used. We never know whether in a café, someone’s home, office, etc. where the power socket will be. Having it on each allows switching regardless the power socket location.

so you mean you want us to be able to charge in all USb?

Yes, well my MiniBook X N100 already can. I can charge with either port, but both are located on the right side, will be better if one is on the left while the other is on the right.