What changes you want in MiniPC

Some people say change the bezels, make the trackpad bigger, just write what you think after using the products so i will send it to my colleagues.

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From a previous post in the Minibook X thread:

While keeping the same chasis size and build:

  1. Thinner bezels while keeping the camera position unchanged.
  2. Larger capacity battery. Do your best to squeeze 8 hours of battery life. Currently is about 4 hours.
  3. Fingerprint reader.
  4. Better responsivenes on trackpad multitouch for 3 and 4 finger gestures. The size of the trackpad is fine, so no need to change it.

And most importantly: Keep it under 500 USD. The N100 processor, 12 gb or ram and 512 gb SSD are still OK, and should be OK for another year or two, so you can keep these unchanged if it helps reducing costs.

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In MiniPCs, it would be nice to have USB4/Thunderbolt4 ,this could allow to add eGPU for some gaming and 3dModeling projects when needed, but still light to travel with it if not high video processing needed.

And Power Supply via USB-C also since we have PD that supports 100W and these Mini PCs consumes way less.

noted ,) thank you guys :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Recently I thought about something else. Weight and thickness. The current model is a little heavy for the form factor. Also a little thick. For the price it might be difficult to decrease the thickness but making the device about 100 g lighter (total weight ~800 g) would be a really good feature. So in order of priorities:

  1. 8h battery life.
  2. Thinner screen bezels.
  3. ~800 g of total weight.

While keeping the device below 500 USD. The market for this segment is huge and there are no other options. In Japan Fujitsu has a 800 g 12 inch mini pc but it more than 1000 USD and its battery only lasts 2 h. No other brand would offer a competitor.

Copied :slight_smile: :heart_eyes in my notes