Wifi network disappeared - now wifi network card

After one month of use my Lapbook suddenly lost its wifi. One night I put it to sleep, next day it cant connect to internet. Checked device manager and there is no wifi network adapter present. Tried to press Fn+F1 - key with wifi icon thinking it will enable wifi network, but it didnt help. Tried to reset BIOS to default, no change. Like if wifi network card just disappeared? Dont want to reset Windows to default and mainly I doubt it will help. Network adapter is not present in Device manager, it just disappeared.

Another post here in this forum in French seems to be referring to same problem if I can trust google translator…

Chuwi has published a new Bios that corrects this bug: [Lapbook Plus] [Official Version] Chuwi LapBook Plus, BIOS,How to fix the bugs in WIFI drivers?

Thanks for fast answer, unfortunately there is only DOC file describing how to flash, but there are no actual files to flash. Only document with instructions…

Intreresting how you answer for the same issue to others but not to me after I did all the reset !

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Same problema … try to enter in bios ad enable some option to network option …

wich one should I change

In bios network stack driver support

Don’t touch the bios

Only this (lapbook se) network stack option.

For me have solved the problem (wifi device hidden M not activeed)

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You mean that on your laptop, that option was disabled?
Could some other user with that model, check if it is also deactivated in your case?

Today, another time the wifi (after a security upgrade) was hidden… So enter in bios and only (now) disable and enable network option. Save and exit. Reboot and the wifi will start again… I think that the problem is the bios (after some windows upgrade).

has a fix been found for this

I am having the same problem but the file is no longer available can it be resent?

Pls help me this problem minibook x

Maybe same problem with this forum.