WIFI network card disappeared after drivers update

Hello, i’ve a HEROBOOK PRO since 3 days, and after a Driver update, the WIFI connection disappeared, i’ve read on this forum that this situation sometimes happen, but i’ve not clear how to solve it,if it’s possible by my side or what else.
I tried to download the WIFI driver from a link present in a similar topic here, but when i launch the tool,it tell me that the drivers on the pc are already up to date,so it means that they are still installed,but the hardware of the wifi network card is not active.
So ,what are the steps i can try to follow to restore the situation ( ah,iv’e already tried to restore windows,as first step, with the option ‘mantain your files’,but nothing changed).
Thank you for any idea…

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This is wifi driver:http://chuwi.mediafire.com/file/xhejuih3fc5ou35/8-wifi-sthwfw4169_20.100.0.4_g.rar/file

ok,i’ve tried to use the utility,first i’ve removed the driver installed,and then i’ve installed again them.
nothing changed,no wifi connection available,no wifi device visible,only bluetooth…

Please contact service@chuwi.com and explain anything you have done that has not worked.


Some days after receiving my HBookPQ256G19122166 and while installing a printer, the WIFI disappeared.

Herobook Pro driver:http://www.mediafire.com/folder/y8d6ediwi4r7m/drivers

Hi !

Thanks for your answer but I installed the drivers with option “repair”, and on a second try uninstalled and reinstalled, but nothing has changed.

Thanks in advance!

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Does this link work for you?


I had the same thing happen to me also. I had to re-install windows and then had to be very careful with the updates so that it did not happen again. Ask for the link to re-install windows from a USB drive and I am not sure what program you were using to update the drivers but stick to only Windows update or go directly to the different drivers website for any updates. I had DriverUpdate pro from IObit and that is what caused my problems. I hope this helps.


Buenos días. A mi me a pasado lo mismo, actualize drivers y se elimino el controlador wifi. Es un problema que CHUWI deberia solventar. Debido a que de momento, solo se puede reparar, reinstalando el sistema operativo de nuevo. Por lo menos esa es mi experiencia. Un saludo y espero haber sido de ayuda


I had the exact same problem, I had to re-install windows but I needed to know which driver update caused the problem. I then had to make sure not to update the same driver or the exact same issue was caused again. I had to re-install windows 3 times to figure out which driver caused the issue. What I learned was to re-install windows then get all of the information over all of the drivers and check the direct manufacturer website for the different drivers and download them from there. It was time consuming but that was the only way I was able to fix the issue.

I hope this helps.


If everything works correctly now, you can make a copy of your drivers with the doubledriver program and save them in case you have the problem again. Doubledriver will automatically install them again

Buenos días. Tienes que volver a instalar windows. Como bien dice Shane.
En cuanto intentas actualizar drivers, se te elimina la tarjeta de red y se hace imposible volver a recuperarla. Ni siquiera reinstalado drivers o borrando desde el registro.
Crea un usb booteable de windows 10 y vuelve a instalarlo. No actualizes drivers y haz una copia con el programa (double driver).
Es el único consejo que puedo darte. Un saludo y espero haber sido de ayuda.

Hi, I find the right driver for resolve the problem wifi, use www.drivereasy.com to install the wifi driver .

grazie per la condivisione

thanks so much for the driver it work for herobook pro

Hi, where did u get the Windows archives. Do i have to reinstall drivers with usb too, or only Windows Software?

Hola, donde conseguisteis los archivos para instalar Windows. ¿Tengo que instalar los Drivers con el USB también, o solo el sistema operativo Windows?

Hi, the Realtek driver also no longer appears on the device manager/network adapters.

Hi, I find the right driver for resolve the problem wifi, use www.drivereasy.com to install the wifi driver

how to use the tool? click repair? please provide instructions