Lost wifi drivers!

Hi guys,
since I first started the herobook pro I received days ago I had problems with the connection of the wifi… I don’t know that to do, I remember it was a Realtek rtl8273b wireless lan 802.11 driver. Now I can’t find it even in “Device Manager”. It’s disappeared…How can I solve please? It’s urgent…
Thank you very much

use http://www.drivereasy.com ( instal driver in manual mode , it’s free)
or install Windows 102004 may update in 3rd partitions.

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You can try to use the “Driver sweeper” to remove the realtek drivers, and then it should appear in the device manager as an unknown or wireless device.

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Thank you for your help … But I’m afraid to delete the drivers! Just yesterday I seem to have updated via Driver Booster Realtek Bluetooth driver that made me completely disappear the drivers, I don’t know why, of the network card! I solved it only by returning to a previous restore point …
So what could I do? I noticed that just bought and turned on, it connected well to the home wifi network. After a few updates etc, he started telling me “Unable to connect to this network” instead the phone’s network connects … How is that possible? I made all the possible updates from windows update …

Sorry, what do you mean with " install Windows 102004 may update in 3rd partitions."??

Where can I find " Realtek RTL8723B wireless LAN 802.11n USB 2.0 network adapter" drivers???

This can solve my problem??

Installing RTL8723B driver? Perhaps, but you probably can’t find standalone driver, only in driverpacks or in drivers from chuwi http://www.mediafire.com/file/xhejuih3fc5ou35/8-wifi-sthwfw4169_20.100.0.4_g.rar/file

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Thank you…I tried but anything happened…Should I reinstall win10? Where can I download it?

Yep, this is the easiest way to fix this.
[Herobook Pro] [Official Version] Chuwi Herobook Pro Drivers,Windows

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Thank you…I can see that there are almost 8GB of files to download! How is it possible? I’m trying with another version of windows 10, can this be a problem?

Yes, you need to manually install all drivers and your problem can happen again.

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In fact, the problem happened again…I installed a win10 home version!! At the beginnin it was all fine then It started to disconnect itself continuously…I also tried to update the lan drivers manually with drivereasy. I don’t know how it is possible but if I’m near the router it doesn’t connect at all, as soon as I walk away and go to another room it can connect sometimes. How is this possible?

Also, Can I install the windows 10 with the link you gave me without losing all the apps I’ve already installed in?
Thanks again

This is driver \ settings problem.

No, with this files you can make only clear setup.

You can also disable driver updates to make sure that this never happens again.

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So, in summary, should I again install Windows and then disable updates? But wouldn’t this compromise the functioning of the computer? It seems like a huge joke on this computer … I think I’ll refund it this way.

Yes, you need to reinstall original windows from chuwi. Don’t connect to wi-fi until you disable updates.
You can still update windows if you need, but not network drivers.

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Thank you, how can I update windows without updating network drivers? Do you mean without using Windows Update?

Oh, I forgot that the home version doesn’t have all Windows features and you need a different type of disabling updates :sweat:. So, first of all you need to enable gpedit.msc
Then you need to edit the policy to “freeze” your drivers version.

  1. Find device hardware ID
    In Device Manager, right-click on the device, choose Properties , then in the Details tab set Property to Hardware Ids and copy the displayed id.
  2. Block driver update for that device
  • Run gpedit.msc
  • Go to Local Computer Policy → Computer Configuration → Administrative Templates → System → Device Installation → Device Installation Restrictions
  • Double-click on Prevent installation of devices that match any of these device IDs and set it to Enabled.
  • Click the Show button to launch the dialog titled “Prevent installation of devices that match any of these Device IDs”.
  • Paste into Value the copied hardware-id for the device.
  • Click OK until finished.

Now you can install updates with default updater without problems unless Microsoft manages to break this option.

oh si, eso es genial.