Wifi Card Disappear - Chuwi Herobook

In my network connections only Bluetooth is present, the wifi card disappear.
In the device list are present Wan Miniport devices, but in the network card none, only bluetooth connection.

I try:
Re-install Drivers
PC recovery and re-install Win10
Still nothing.


Try, with the laptop in Windows, press the power button for 16 seconds. The laptop will turn off. Turn on again and check if the Wifi controller appears

Still not working … :frowning:
In the device list are present only Wan Miniport devices

Ok, try now to restore.

Start, configuration, update and security, recovery, restore this PC. When asked, indicate that you want to keep your files. Put the charger and wait for it to finish, it may take several hours. Do not interrupt the process even if it appears to be stopped

Yes , i restore the pc and trying reinstall drivers in secure mode.

But Wifi controller dont appears.

Have you disabled the protection of digitally signed drivers before installing the drivers?