WIN 11. The Larkbook X does not connect to 5 ghz networks (although it finds them)

Hi, I’m new. I was already a Corebook x owner (which works very well), but these days I also bought a Larkbook X. For now everything ok, but unfortunately I have a problem with wifi … despite finding 5 ghz wifi networks, it still can’t connect to them. Agree to connect only with 2.4 ghz networks. But the module is for sure to be Dual Band . The PC was already set to Win 11 when it arrived.
When I try to connect with 5 ghz networks it gives me this error…" Some information has changed since the last connection . More information is needed to complete the connection" (he makes me put the password back, and then says internet not available). I specify that I do not use DHCP, but static addresses. However, this is not a problem for the 2.4 Ghz wifi connection. (to which it connects without problems)

Maybe you can disable the 802.11d option:
Larkbook x NIC

Thanks for the reply.
I had already tried this too, but does not want to connect to the 5ghz network

Problem solved.
Excuse me but not using the keyboard to put on it (relative to my country), I was confusing some special characters … :man_facepalming:
problem solved as soon as the correct password is entered … everything goes even 5ghz. :laughing: