CoreBook X - Problems with network (slow internet connection)

I have problem with speed connection. It is impossible to download bigger file. Just after a few seconds download is going to 0B/S. Do you have the same problem? Does anybody knows how to fix it?

If you can use the network normally, but the download speed is 0, you can try to update the network card driver.

I was not able to add here the second picture. Laptop starts with high speed, but after a few seconds is goes to zero. There is the latest drivers.

I’m very disappointed.

Can you browse the web normally?

No. It starts and stops just after a moment. Then I have to wait for a moment and stops again. It makes my work impossible.

It could be a network problem, or the CPU frequency is locked

Network is fine. I have 600MB connection. How about processor? Where it is locked? This occurs on fresh Windows, just after installation.

  1. Open the control panel.
  2. Turn on the power option first.
  3. Click Change Plan Settings.
  4. Then click Change Advanced Power Settings.
  5. You can select the processor and expand the maximum processor state in turn to limit the CPU frequency.
  6. Set the two data to 85% respectively to unlock the CPU frequency.

I set all possible options to max and still without changes. As I mentioned, on the beginning I have good speed (picture 1) and just after few seconds it is decreasing to zero (picture 2). And I have to wait to connect again. I can record a video to show you this problem in details.

I bought a new computer and I could not use it in a proper way. Sorry, but this is not professional. It’s sad - new laptop, fast, pretty and nice design, but useless. What should I do?

Any idea? If not, then please give me information how to send this laptop back. This was my big mistake to purchase this laptop.

Is your router all right? Have you tried connecting your laptop to the internet via a cable? Try different options to understand what the problem might be.

I have the same problem but specifically with stability, the internet connection isn’t uniform at all it goes up and down and not stable. How to update my network driver and what else should I do?

I checked with old, 100MB router and in this case connection is slow, but stable. It looks that not only me have the problem. This is for sure problem with drivers/wrong configuration and this is tak for support team. But we have just silence…

@Management We need help, we need an updated version for the network driver. We can’t surf the internet normally which is an essential use of the laptop !!

If anyone has experienced such a thing in his Corebook X please let us know, thanks

Support team is silent. I’m not surprised. Now I know why this laptop is cheaper than competition. It was my first and the last Chuwi equipment I ever buy. Many thanks for great support and customer care.

Have you tried (tested) with a USB wifi adaptor to rule out the internal network adaptor?

No. I don’t have such equipment. Maybe it is a task for support team? I don’t have any answer is this error will be fixed or not. Professional behavior.

The WiFi connection failure can be corrected with a system reset. startup, settings, update and security, recovery, reset this PC

Ok. So what should I do? Step by step.

This problem has disapeared. I don’t know how and why, I turned laptop on after 3 weeks and it works. Connection is stable and fast. So there only issue with hot keys (Fn) has left.