Windows 10 Driver needed

The “pci data acquisition signal controller” OEM driver for the HeroBook PLus is needed urgently after windows update.
Without this, we get a Blue Screen (BSOD) with WDF_Violation error very often.

What hardware ID does the device have?

PCI \ VEN_xxxx & DEV_xxxx & SUBSYS_xxx …

You can find it in the Device Manager - Right click on device - properties - details - hadware id

I’ll check it in a few minutes - I’m reinstalling Windows at the moment, trying to recover from a crash caused by a bad driver!

While I’m waiting to access the computer, I can say that previous efforts led to drivers installing various system elements such as “Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework Manager”. They seemed to work but then suddenly BSOD, especially when restarting. Removing these items in Device Manager cured the BSOD but led to the return of the unknown device “pci data acquisition signal controller”. Thanks for your help.

The device is now “installed” but not working and called Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework Manager, with the following Hardware IDs:
I hope this sheds some light!

There are many OEM adaptations for notebooks and tablets that are not always fully supported by the standard drivers.
For this reason there is the Driver Support Aissistant from Intel.

Simply download and install it. This examines the system and searches for driver versions that match or are compatible with the OEM version. These are then downloaded from Intel and installed.

The ACPI \ INT3400 is such an OEM component of the Intel chipset driver. It had to be the Intel (R) Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework Manager, which is configured differently via the INF file depending on the manufacturer. So it’s best to use the Intel Driver Support Aissistant.

I had tried that, but it just told me everything was up to date. It turns out the solution was to go back to an older OEM driver, not to use the most recent one.
I found a CHUWI driver set for the older HeroBook Pro (GLK_Driver.rar) in another channel in this forum and installed an older DTPF driver from folder no. 3 of that set.
The setup.exe installation replaced the more recent driver (which apparently caused all the problems) and it is now working happily with Intel driver version 8.4.11000.6436 (27/04/2018).
Many thanks for your responses. Hope this helps someone else!