Drivers UBook Pro Windows 10

Hi guys,
i need Windows drivers for my UBook Pro (Intel Gemini Lake N4100).
I did a clean install with Windows 10 Pro and unfortunately not everything is recognized by the system.

Device Manager can’t find drivers for 2 devices:

  • PCI data collection and signal processing controller
  • Unkown device

Can you guys help me??

best regards, Gerald

First thing to try is running the Intel Driver and Support Assistant. This will usually take care of most of the Intel drivers that you need.

If that doesn’t work, then try the Intel Chipset Utility.

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Thanks @Silurian but i know this tools from Intel and it do not solve my problems.

UBook Pro N4100 TP driver:

Try to manually update all the Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework drivers listed in Device Manager.

Sorry @manonegra222 I see this driver before I ask here, but this driver also not solve my problem.

Have you disabled Windows protection for the installation of digitally signed drivers?

Use driver update utility, such as driverindentifier to manually update intel thermal framework and six-axis Kinonix Sensor driver :grinning:

Same problem, solve It with download two driver downloaded from Lenovo site: bgmu03af.exe and r16hdo4w.exe.

Download the 4 windows rar files. Unzip them any copy it to a flash drive. Boot from it. The rest does the script by itself. Wait and after finishing you should have all drivers installed.

Can you tell me what was the driver under r16hdo4w.exe ? I can’t find it.
Can you share a link to it?