Ubook pro Windows 10 drivers


I reinstalled Windows 10 on the UBook Pro N4100 because original version was very old and the translation to my language was corrupt (some question marks were displayed on the buttons etc.). Windows version was 1903 - three and a half years old.

There were some drivers missing but I found them here:

  • go here: [Ubook Pro] [Official Version] Ubook Pro windows, drivers, Hipen H6 /H5 driver
  • select first link (post from the Management): My Files
  • select Windows and download all .rar files
  • open first .rar file and go to the following folder: UBook Pro N4100 软件 \ images
  • extract the install.swm file from the archive
  • now open this install.swm file with 7-ZIP (right click on this file and select Open archive)
  • go to the RECOVERY folder
  • go to the Customizations folder
  • select file usmt.ppkg and extract it (.ppkg file is a MSWIM file actually - see file header)
  • now right click on the usmt.ppkg file and open it with 7-zip (open archive) (it should work - if not rename it to .wsm)
  • select folder Driver and extract it
  • this should generate Driver folder with subfolders (named 1-27). Here are the drivers!
  • in the management console select update driver and point to this Driver folder - if there is a driver that you need Windows will find it and install it.

Also you can check other posts with links to drivers - but here might be a driver that you need.

(you can delete unnecessary temporary files)

Hope this helps.