Windows 11 ISO with drivers

Hi there,
would it be possible to have a link where we can download the Windows 11 with drivers of the Chuwi RZbox 5800h just as when the minipc is brand new and out of the box?

Thank you

You can download a Windows 11 ISO from a working computer using the Microsoft media creation tool. See here:

The drivers are linked in other posts, such as this one: Requesting factory image and drivers pack

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Thank you very much.

I suspect these are for Windows 10 and not fully compatible with Windows 11 since the bluetooth drivers are not working (didn’t try the rest).

Had to install these that are working without a problem:

How to restore the Windows license/product key?

You don’t need to. Since Win8, manufacturers have been using digital licenses that are linked to your unique hardware ID. As long as you’ve installed a like-for-like version, Windows will automatically activate.

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That’s awesome, thank you for the reply!