Upgrade to windows 11 NO WI-FI AFTER

Upgraded my hero book pro to windows 11 after update had no Wi-Fi had to downgrade. What would be my next steps is there any drivers available for download before and then I can retry upgrade


you lost the wifi? it was not available to connect? Or when you connect to a network, it says no Internet or something?


It just said no available connections tried to troubleshoot only option was to plug in Ethernet.

Wi-Fi drivers delete on update to win 11 and cannot find a way to reinstall drivers before or after upgrade I can download the drivers but there all run through the system as e.g oem123 oem453
And like that so I can download them through driver panel on pc but they do not install on any specific drivers to fix faults they are all unassigned drivers downloaded but can’t install as no assignment.

Chuwi need an official list and official source of these drivers with correct assignments and easy install, like any other computer manufacture.