Herobox pro => Can I upgrade it into WIn11?

Does Chuwi support hardware drivers completely for Windows 11?

I’m thinking of wiping out the current Windows 10 and then re-install the clean Windows 10 and then ultimately upgrade it into Windows 11…

Where can I obtain from Chuwi the complete hardware drivers for Windows 11?

I upgraded mine to windows 11 without any issues, i was sent an email by Microsoft offering me the uograde for free when it first came out, i just clicked on all the instructions buttons and it did it, didnt have to do really anything else,other than setting it up how i wnated it to look. It acually helped the chuwi herbox run better and i could run higher end games easier with the windows 11 upgrade. So ya,just follow the download instructions,it has a program that actually scans your pc to know if its compatible,made it really easy. Its gaming performance multiplied by like 90 times better.