Chuci HeroBox N5100 Windows 10 Drivers

Hello. I need to reinstall my OS on my Chuwi HeroBox Mini PC, but I can’t find all the drivers. Please help. the S/N of my device is: ZHeroBCZ2H221200827

Chuwi support helped me with this file:

It is the full package with W11 and all the drivers. If you want to install W11 Home, then you need to extract all the drivers from Windows\System32\DriverStore - they work with W11 and W10. If you need to install your OS just put all the files from the download link onto a NTFS formatted USB drive with the name WINPE and start the machine - Warning - it will delete all your files and partitions! Also make sure you unzip the files and open the windows file package and copy the subfiles to the root directory
of the USB drive.