Chuwi Herobox Windows 10 failure


I have an issue with my Chuwi Herobox. Operating system cannot load properly. Desktop is white and taskbar is blinking all time. I think that it is a virus.

The problem is I cannot restore the operating system. Once I start the reinstallation I allways get the error message: there was a problem resetting your pc windows 10.

I have tried to do it using the reparing partition and a USB with windows 10.

I want to know if I can install Windows 10 as a new OS instead of reset it. How to get my windows license once it is installed.


You can install the system using the original Microsoft image, but then you have to install some drivers manually.
It is better to install the image from chuwi
My Files
If you install windows home, it is automatically activated with your license key.

Thanks for your response. I will try it and come back with the result of the installation.


It is almost impossible to download these files. They take hours to download and is the second time I try to do it because the download fails.

Is there any other place to download these files from?


1900234-CHIWEI-NQ14E-A.rar - Google Drive
You can use the download master to download from mediafire, I managed to download all the archives in 10 minutes.

Many Thanks for your help.

I will let you know if it works


I have issues installing the OS. I cannot follow the guide exacly how it is. I don’t have the option Boot Manager to select it.

Anyway, device seems to start using the USB drive and a batch procedure starts but stuck in a error message. Attached images about the error.


Oh, this image is not suitable. Try to install the image from microsoft. Here are the drivers if you have any problems with them.

tengo que superarme en este tema

No entiendo qué quieres decir. Yo solucioné el problema con las indicaciones de Biosham.


puede intentar formatando el pc y descargar windows 10 por memoria booteable

I did not get any chance of using this laptop brand. But, I look forward to its I/O devices.

than you for sharing this information with us

Thank you…