Can't re-intall Windows10 to my Jasper lakeN4500 HeroBox

Hi supporters!

I used the recovery disk image from this link to reinstall Windows 10 with no success.

My serial No is “HeBoxP256G210504485”.


there is no solution?
can anyone help me?

If you have access to another PC, download Ventoy and with that program format a USB Stick, then download one or many Windows 10 ISO’s and simply copy-paste those ISO’s on that USB stick formated with Ventoy. Then plug that USB stick into your fucked Chuwi and boot into BIOS(just after Power-ON press the Delete key multiple times until you reach the BIOS).
In BIOS go to the last or penultimate tab where you should find the boot options, and select “Boot from USB”, then save the settings and restart.
On restart your Chuwi should boot on that USB stick formated with Ventoy and the sequence for reinstaling Windows 10 shluld start(if you did everything right).