HeroBox Pro Jasper Lake N4500 Mini PC DRIVERS

From my HeroBox HeroBox Pro Intel Jasper Lake N4500, tested on Windows 11 build 22000.71, audio / mic jack working.
Model: HeBoxP256G210502815, using Double Driver 4.1.0


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Does it also work with Windows 10?

It is told we cannot activate audio, when we re-install Windows 10 in a HeroBox Pro ( N4500 ) and thus I dare NOT to clean the current windows 10…

You can test it, as I have an official W10 image inside the google drive folder that you can use to reinstall the entire system, like it comes from the manufacturer. Also I got official drivers in that folder, so please test it and update here. Thanks!

Totally fixes all the problems driver wise. Just can’t express my thanks, you saved me so much time, THANKS!