Missing Drivers in Windows 10 Pro

I am unable to use USB ports and sound functions of the computer. See the Device Manager screen capture below. I have tried updating drivers without success. I have a HeroBox with Intel Jasper Lake N4500.

How do I get the proper drivers for these functions?

[HeroBox Pro Intel Jasper Lake N4500 - Google Drive](https://Unofficial and Official Drivers)

This worked. I used the “official drivers” with success.


There is a suitable article on the net, type in Universal Serial Bus controllers and there is an article that should help you, have you gone into device manager and scrolled down to Universal Serial Bus controllers and clicked on each section for usb and checked to see if they are working if there is a yellow sign on any section then there is a fault. Look for drivereasy.com and there you may find help.

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Manual instalation driver with drivereasy.com.


Herobox N4100.