Drivers Windows 10 herobox N5100

Saludos. intento reinstalar los drivers de un Herobox mini pc N5100 con el N/S ZHeroBCZ2H230101278, tras instalar Windows 10, pero me es imposible instalar los drivers de audio. la única solución similar que dais en el foro para un N5100 no me ha servido. donde puedo encontrar los drivers completos para este dispositivo?
Greetings. i am trying to reinstall the drivers of a Herobox mini pc N5100 with the S/N ZHeroBCZ2H230101278, after installing Windows 10, but it is impossible for me to install the audio drivers. the only similar solution you give in the forum for a N5100 has not helped me. where can i find the complete drivers for this device?
Thank you.