J4125 Drivers for fresh windows 10 install


I am trying to reinstall Windows 10 to a blank SSD on the Herobox. S/N: ZHeroBCZ1H211201763.

The Windows 10 setup will not proceed without the correct drivers. Please could you point me to the correct drivers for this model and is there anywhere in particular I need to put them to get the windows 10 setup to recognise them?

Many Thanks.

Edit: I am using the Windows 10 bootable 64bit ISO from obtained directly from Microsoft.

What you are attempting should work. It worked for me. Win 10 install media should not need any drivers for the HeroBox J4125 unless your hardware is somehow different from mine. Then, after the install, the drivers here ( HeroBox Drivers for J4125 - #4 by ChuwiService ) need to be applied manually. This took me several reboots but eventually everything looks functional under the Windows drivers dialog.

I used the Win10_21H2_English_x64.iso file etched to a usb stick. It boots into the installer. When I go to install windows; it tells me a media driver is missing but gives no details.

I pointed it to a folder full of the drivers pack you mentioned which it does find compatible drivers from. However; none of the drivers seem to be acceptable for whatever it is missing and so the installation process won’t commence any further.

I don’t know about the ISO. What worked for me was using the executable tool (you will need an existing working Windows machine) listed under “Create Windows 10 installation media” on this page: ( Download Windows 10 ). I let it create a bootable USB, and from that USB, I was able to install. No drivers required during installation.

In my opinion, if it’s asking you for drivers, you are down the wrong path. I was never able to get it to work that way, although I tried several times. Someone else might know different – I am not a Windows expert.

Ok, I’ll try it out that way instead.