Windows 11 support

I tried upgrading to Windows 11 with mixed results. First I lost the keypad and still trying to figure out how to get it back. Plus the device manager now shows a long list of unrecognized PCI devices.
Anyone managed to get Windows 11 running on the Larkbook X?

This is a file to check whether your computer is compatible with windows 11. If the test result fails, it is recommended that you return it to win10 system for use.
Thank you for your letter and wish you a happy life.

You miss the point here. The Larkbook X should support Windows 11 which is confirmed by the Microsoft tool. I was looking for the source of the drivers that need to be reinstalled. So far I managed to retrieve them from Intel and from a non-official archive for another Chuwi laptop model. Not indeal. I don’t understand why it is so difficult to publish the driver files for the various laptop models.

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Did you run this?

Yes, but it only detected 1 HW device.

I managed to install the drivers using various sources from other vendors like Lenovo and Intel.

But I would expect Chuwi to publish a driver archive with all the latest drivers for a specific laptop.

Did you resolve this problem?
I recently got a LarkBook X and it seems to have upgraded to windows 11 without problems. It just took a long time, going through various windows 10 updates first.

I have the same problem

I installed Win11 on my Larkbook-X couple of mounth ago ; completely new.
installed all device driver from Win10 configuration (got it here in Forum) and run all updates till now. Everything is working , WLan is fine, system is fine . I can’t see any any problem in my installation. If I can help, please let me know.