Yellow cast on Herobook Plus


My Herobook plus exhibits an annoying yellow cast when I work with the battery.
When starting the notebook in the lock screen the white point of the screen is clean and the image has its real colors, but after 1-2 seconds the dominant appears as if it were loading an ICC profile other than the default one that I do not have never changed.

In the battery settings I tried to set “Maximum performance” disable “Battery saver” and disable “Reduce screen brightness when battery saver is on”. But nothing has changed.

In color management the default device profile is: Default sRGB IEC6 1966-2.1

The display conditions profile is: Default (Windows system profile for sRGB display conditions).

In the Intel UHD Graphics Control Panel the settings are the default ones.

I don’t know if it’s normal can someone tell me? Is there any way to intervene?
Thank you


Is your “Night light” setting enabled ?

Ok the night lamp was enabled i do no know how