HeroBook Plus Ram and leds


I recently bought the laptop in question on the Chuwi store, with 12 gigabits of Ram, I did not understand if the ram on this model is welded or, as in the pro model, it is possible to increase it.

Another question concerns the blue LEDs visible when the laptop is turned on, the first tells me that the laptop is on, the second concerns the caps lock, a third that is always on I can’t understand which function it refers to.

In the pro version there is no way to increase the RAM, most likely here too.
The third LED should be num lock \ wifi \ touchpad indicator.

Hi Biosham
Thanks for the reply, in my case the third led indicates the number lock, I just have another curiosity to satisfy, where is the battery housed?

I don’t have a photo of the insides, but I can assume that it is in this area.

Ok thanks, so in case I need to change the battery should I take off the bottom cover of the laptop?

Yes, like in other laptops from chuwi :slight_smile:

Thanks Max,
now I know the device better, I was a bit skeptical in buying it, not knowing the brand, but in these few days of experience it seems to me to be a good laptop

Chuvi laptops are not bad until they get an update from Microsoft. I recommend you to make a copy of the drivers via double driver or any other program. Sometimes driver updates are installed without warning and various problems with wifi and video drivers appear.

I will follow your hint
Thanks again