About the sound that makes when turning un the laptop CoreBookX

since i got this laptop when i turn on it makes a strange noise and im concerned and the chuwi assistance is not helping me

Could it be noise from the fan? Please describe the noise.

it sounds like a metalic sound, it could be the fan but its annoying and the sound stops in a few minutes

Hi, I also got that problem. It is the cooling fan when turning at high speed
It is nothing serious apart from an annoying sound.
If you have technical ability you can do the following to reduce the sound. I done that and the sound of my laptop is not annoying anymore

  1. Open the back cover. See the video to have an idea how to open the Corebook x ( Chuwi Corebook X Review - Finally A BETTER Chipset! - YouTube )

3. Locate the fan and carefully peel the black carton fan cover
4. Enlarge the carton cover hole to the same size of the fan or a bit bigger
5. Stick back the fan cover in place and close the laptop cover


Enjoy your Corebook X :sunglasses: