Adaptados usbc para hdmi funciona no hi10x?

I need to connect a second screen to my chuwi hi10x and I would like to know if I can do this with a usbc 3.0 to hdmi adapter in the corresponding port or if this port does not provide video output. Does anyone use such an adapter and could show me which one to buy. Where did you buy it?

The easiest way would be to use the micro-HDMI port, since adapters for micro-HDMI to HDMI are fairly cheap to come by. I’ve been using this on-and-off to connect my Hi10x to my TV and it has worked flawlessly so far.

Not sure if the USB-C port can do it, since USB-C only carries Displayport-signals, not HDMI. But then there’s all sorts of things wrong with the USB-C port of the Hi10x (like the lack of PD-charging) so who knows, maybe it has some magical HDMI-capability :slight_smile:

I already use micro hdmi, I need another video output to use the third monitor.