Hi10Xr - Second Display possible?

I’m just setting up my new Chuwi Hi10Xr - and i’m more than pleased!
What i’ve noticed:
I tried to connect my “Lenovo ThinkVision M14” display to my Chuwi via USB-C but that didnt work.
So is it generally possible to connect a second display to the Hi10Xr?

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Thinkvision M14 uses USB’s alt mode to get pixel data from PC. But Hi10XR seems not to have that function (both USB type-C ports have only data transfer function).
If you have 2 items, it may be possible but I’m not sure.

  1. micro HDMI to HDMI converter
  2. HDMI to USB type-C cable

Connection is:

  • Hi10XR’s micro HDMI ----- <1> ----- <2> ----- Thinkvision USB port

I confirmed that USB Vbus is not connected to HDMI so this kind of usage does not break Hi10XR, but I cannot assure.

thanks for the clarification

I’ve just published a post (Micro HDMI not works in CHUWI Hi10 XR) with a problem detected with micro HDMI connector because I’m unable to view any image in external monitor. Have you tested if you can see any image through micro HDMI to HDMI adaptor?


I don’t have micro HDMI cable so I cannot verify functionality. However it’s better to clarify some checkpoints.

  1. second display is detected by Hi10XR ?
    if detected, you can see 2nd display in Hi10XR Display Settings and can set up screen resolution/refresh rate

  2. what grade cable ?
    if using High Speed cable, you can use 2K graphics. if not, may be blank screen. additionally too long HDMI cable (e.g. over 5m or not-HDMI-certified cable) cannot send enough pixel data correctly so external monitor cannot display image.

  3. cable connection is OK?
    micro HDMI connector is so small that micro HDMI plug may be broken easily. hold micro HDMI plug to Hi10XR.


I have tested with a micro hdmi to hdmi adapter and it works. My TV displays correctly the second screen of my Hi10 xr.

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Hi, sorry for bothering, but can you help me?
I have problem with the cursor…

It was lagging behind the place of the pen and then it was slowly going under it, which was not a problem only when the pen was touching the screen - it was not lagging, it was working perfectly, except for the rest of the time, when the pen was not touching the display - when I tried to click some buttons, the cursor clicked where it was still behind and then coming back under the pen, which was right above where I wanted to click…

In the system’s pen settings menu I didn’t find any option that was allowing the cursor to act like that, so I’m guessing there are installed wrong or old drivers for the pen.

If you know if that cursor behaviour was normal, please answer in the topic I opened…

Thanks for your answer. I’ve discovered that micro hdmi to hdmi connector works but the problem is that
I have to put a lot of pressure on the port for it to work well. The moment I move the connector a bit, the image is disconnected.

What type of the converter(adapter or cable)?

It’s better to use L-type microHDMI connector. Be careful with the direction of the L-shape.
Hi10XR’s microHDMI is equipped on the left side and reverse-D shape.
Choose the L-shaped adapter that bend down the cable when connected to Hi10XR like AFUNTA’s microHDMI adapter(model No. MicroHDMI1).

(microHDMI connector’s durability is well-known problem. Find out your best one.)

Thanks for the numerous answers.
So i tried to connect my Chuwi to the Thinkvision with a “Micro Hdmi to Hdmi adatpor” and “Hdmi to USB C cable” like EndlessBiginner described. But that doesnt work, the Thinkvision stays black without any sign of Power supply. Windows also doesnt recognize a second Display.
I think the problem is because you would need a “Hdmi to USB C cable” which supports the “power delivery” standard of USB C. But i think this doesnt exist yet :slight_smile:

It was worth the try - thanks again.



When using HDMI<->USB type-C conversion, both USB type-C ports of M14 must be used to work.

  • One is for power supply from a USB charger (equipped with USB 3.0 type-C PD 2.0 compatible port and over 7.5W+Hi10XR power consumption capacity).
  • The other is for pixel data from PC through USB alt mode.

Like this (from Lenovo web site):

EDIT1) HDMI is designed to transfer pixel data and exchange display information, cannot deliver power because of cable thickness.

EDIT2) @Management , should I upload images when I just want to quote them? I think it’s better to indicate only URL because of legitimacy of data source and no-forgery. Anyway, thank you for uploading the image.