Micro HDMI not works in CHUWI Hi10 XR

I’ve just bought a Hi10 XR model of Chuwi and after complete all windows 10 updates and verify latest display driver (HD graphics 600 series of Intel) in Intel graphics website (latest version I have installed:

I have a problem with external monitor because I see black screen after plug in the tablet an adaptor of micro HDMI to HDMI (and enable duplicate screen in windows 10). Also I’ve tried to enable duplicate screens in Intel software but same problem (black screen).
After that, I bought an adapter micro HDMI to VGA and test in other monitor with same problem. Also I tested with other screen resolutions and same error.
Desperate for results I uninstalled all display drivers and then re-install again (with two different versions of intel driver to test) and in a first attempt I could see the duplicated image on my external monitor, but immediately after, after a few seconds and without touching anything, the screen returned to black and without the possibility of seeing any image again.
After momentarily seeing the image on the monitor, I see that the problem no longer resides in a hardware failure, but rather a failure or conflict with the graphics driver. I would like to know if any of you have tried to connect the video signal externally or if you can suggest another solution.

I’ve discovered that micro hdmi to hdmi connector works but the problem is that I have to put a lot of pressure on the port for it to work well. The moment I move the connector a bit, the image is disconnected.