Help needed with HDMI micro connection

I want to try connecting my new machine to a smart TV with the HDMI cable I used with my previous Cube. It has a micro USB connector, so I need an adapter to convert its USB plug to HDMI micro as Chuwi has a micro HDMI socket. I have searched, so far without success. Can someone advise please. I have minimal experience with HDMI.

As far as I know, there is no direct possibility to convert USB to HDMI-signals. There are special USB-cables that can carry video-signals (called MHL), but this requires support on the device sending the video signals through the USB(-C) port, which won’t work on the Hi 10 X through the micro-HDMI port.

Luckily there’s a far easier solution: Micro-HDMI and HDMI are by definition signal and pin-compatible, so you just need a (new) cable with on one end the micro-HDMI connector to connect with the Hi10X, and on the other end the full HDMI that goes into your TV. These cables really aren’t expensive, even the Amazon Basics brand does the job admirably.

Something like this will do the trick:

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Thanks, that is a good suggestion. As I already had a cable (2 ft x 3 ft) I had not thought of a single cable with micro at one end & standard at the other. The Amazon cable is only 3 ft, but there is another at 6 ft which should be ideal. — Rankie Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable, Supports Ethernet, 3D, 4K and Audio Return, 6 Feet… With postage about £10.

I bought a micro to standard HDMI connector through eBay, however you may well find that the connection is not stable, because often the weight of the HDMI cable dislodges the adapter

The Rankie cable arrived quickly but I found 6 feet is not quite enough (I did measure everything but must have made a mistake) so I have sent for the 3 ft Basics cable – I already have an HDMI connector.

The mircro socket is a tight fit so I doubt that it will get dislodged. I have found all three sockets tight. Probably this is not a bad thing. Over the years I have expected sockets to get loose if used repeatedly but it has never happened (so far)

from the other side if you have smart TV with chromecast support (or chromecast) then you can use chromium or chrome browser for screen sharing or movie sharing to your TV. It working very smooth and you don’t need any cables cuz you use WIFI for that.

Micro HDMI to HDMI cable is available cheap
But think before you buy anything I purchased USB C & Micro HDMI In advance now both these cables, keyboard and pencil are lying useless as the tablet UBook Pro died within 50 minutes

Thanks for the comments.

Soon after the extra cable arrived I had my PC connected to the TV with it. Everything OK so far. The only glitch was that for a while my PC sound output ceased, but I found it was due to my system treating the TV as my primary sound device and it was easy to switch between them. I have not had time to use it much yet, so we will see.

Chromecast is a very good device for modest cost, I have used the same one Type 1) since they were launched. For a while the service was unreliable and not the best quality but it improved greatly (via automatic updates I think). I would still use it for casting films etc., but I also want to mirror my desktop to use the TV as a second display. In the early days Chromecast had an experimental desktop mirroring option but not very good. I think it has been discontinued?

Chromecast is not confined to Chrome browser / apps, it is available now on many other platforms in both Android and Windows, I have it on my phone, which can be very useful. In the UK it is part of the BBC iPlayer service.

Did you have to update drivers for this to work? I have the HDMI to USB-C cord but cant get screen to display on my tv. Can you send link for drivers if needed.

I have not had to update any drivers, merely connect the cable which is HDMI Standard (TV) to HDMI Micro (PC Chuwi 10X). On my previous Cube machine I had tried with an HDMI to USB cable without success, though I understand that should have been OK.

I have found the connection to be a bit ‘fussy’, ie. it might not work the first time but after pulling the plug out and re-inserting it connection is achieved. Fortunately I have only had to do this on the TV, because it is a very tight fit getting it back in on the PC (but then no risk of it dropping out).