HDMI connects to TV stopped working





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My connections between PC Chuwi H10 X and Toshiba smart TV have stopped working. The TV, a recent Toshiba, has 3 HDMI sockets all of which have been in use until recently. Now I only get a ‘No Signal’ notification on the TV screen for each device, which are HDMI 1 direct cable with which the PC display has been mirrored on the TV, HDMI2 which connected an LG HD/DVD Recorder, HDMI2 which has a Chromecast dongle. My CHUWI has Windows 10 (updated). I have been able to find online information about setting up a HDMI link, but nothing on what to do if it stops working. Can someone help me with this? I tried Projection in Settings, and the Device Manager plus the TV Manual, and I have switched around the cables and sockets all with no result. This setup, using Chuwi’s micro port,worked well until a few days ago