Aerobook screen flickers

I noticed that, from time to time, more or less randomly, my Aerobook screen flickers for a fraction of a second. It does it randomly, perhaps twice in an hour, then no flicker for the next hour, then again, and so on.

The only pattern I have observed is that it appears to flicker only when the laptop is operating on AC power and/or charging. I haven’t observed the flickering when the laptop is operating on its battery.

Any hint what could this be?


Hello Miguel,
I dont know if this will help, but I had a similar experience:
It was a LapBook SE. The screen not only blinked, but after a few minutes of watching videos (YouTube type …) and only connected to AC, the computer was freezing, forcing me to restart. If it was battery powered, or even watching videos from the hard drive, everything was perfect.
After a lot of research, (options of the video player, browser, flashplayer …) I solved the problem by disabling the “Energy” service in Windows. (I guess the battery life will be shorter, but in my case, most of the time I use it connected to AC)
This may not work for you (I don’t even know if you use Windows OS) I insist, it’s just my humble experience.


Are you using a specific application when it happens?


Thanks for the tip. Yes, I am using Windows. I will see what happens if I disable the said Energy service.


I haven’t been able to find a pattern with applications. I also checked the Event Viewer in Windows, in case there was an error logged in there, but haven’t found any hint.