Aerobook Plus Screen flickering when scrolling on Word and sometimes in general


When I scroll on Microsoft word sometime the screen starts flickering and freaking out and even goes to vertical bars…is there anything I can do to fix this? It makes it really hard to use Word.

Also sometimes the whole screen flickers even when I’m not using word

I lowered the refresh rate from 60 to 40 and now it works fine. Is there any reason why it’s not working when it’s at 60?

It looks like some kind of problem with the display cable \ driver \ cpu.
If the problem does not occurs when wifi and bluetooth are completely off, the problem is most likely “electrical noise”.

I also have aerobook plus, which has recently developed a flicker when using brave (a version of chrome). today it started to completely take over the screen with vertical lines.

i tried setting the refresh rate to 40 but that didn’t immediately fix it…

I’ve got the same issue after updating Intel video driver. Probably need to downgrade it