Aerobook Plus 15.6 - Screen and Keyboard issues

Hi there.
I have some serious problems with my Aerobook.

Yesterday, during normal use of the device, the screen stopped working properly and it became pink with some black, horizontal stripes. I had to force-shotdown the PC and restart it.

After the boot, while entering the PIN to access Windows, the whole right side of the keyboard didn’t work, so I had to use the number keys on the top of the keyboard, instead of the numeric pad.

Anyway, once I logged in, the keyboard started to work perfectly again, but the screen had some flickering problems on the upper part of the screen. Those flickers stopped to appear only after a while.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Have similar problems and I m pretty convinced that its the garfic card somehow corrupted or not working. Send to chuwi or to aftersale multiple mails but not responding in time correctly- Get on line and after installing it everything was again, flickekering or blue screen: What we will learn: never again CHuwi by his bad support team. non confront o lenovo!!