After Sales Issue, I've now paid now what?

I’ve just paid for 2 UBook X 2023, on 20th March 2024, and is still marked as unfulfilled, I’ve now submitted 2 tickets asking for tracking and reason for this remaining to be unfulfilled, this is still not being replied today.

Tell me in which store did you buy, and the store order, i am solving that right now dont worry

Hi Maria Isabel,

I purchased from your official Global online store

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thanks so much, i already told my colleague. Im sorry for the delay, we had some issues in warehouse , but is now solved .

Many thanks for your assistance, but what does your reply mean for me? I guess it’s better than being ignored

You will receive an email from the store, there were some problems with the stock, but it will be shipped this week. I am sorry for the delay.

Many thanks and your assistance is very much appreciated, for now I will wait for the email from your global store

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Hi there, just an update, I received a shipment from order email and received my order within 3 days, which is quite good which resolves my initial issue, so I have opened the box and have tested the units and they perform as per the published specs, I am looking for a tough case for it as they will be used/manhandled mainly by mechanics and engineers, but I couldn’t find anything suitable on Chuwi’s official online site, can anyone suggest any for Chuwi UBook X 2023

I am glad to hear everything went well. We have no shell case for the Ubook as is quite hard to make one because it has a keyboard and so.But there is one user that developed a case, you can check it here