Alternative Bluetooth Keyboard for UBook Pro

I cannot seem to get used to this UBook Pro keyboard. Is there a more solid and similar sized bluetooth keyboard that might be considered as an alternative?

I use the Logitech K375s bluetooth keyboard. It can pair up to 3 different devices as well. Granted it is bigger than the cover keyboard but it is solid and works well.


I use Rapoo K8000M bluetooth keyboard and mouse. I’m satisfied with.

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I have the Rapoo M100 Bluetooth mouse and I am very pleased with it. I was surprised since it was not expensive.

I got the Logitech bluetooth keyboard as I need Thai characters as well. I didn’t see that option for the Rapoo keyboards. I don’t like adding stickers if I don’t have to.

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I’ve had Logitech K380 bluetooth keyboard for over 4 years now. Still use it daily. Very compact for travel.

No connectivity issues. Long battery life.