Keyboard stopped to work

Hi all!
today I was writing a text on my ubook pro when suddenly the keyboard stopped working.
The blue light is not more on, nothing happens.
I tried to clean contacts, but it was unuseful.

In your opinion this kind of problems are related to the keyboard (I can spend 30 euro to buy another one) or are something internal to the pc?

Hi giuseppesavo,

Have you managed to fix the keyboard? Mine has stopped working too :frowning: .


If Chuwi sold this keyboard I would buy another one.

It is the flexible connection strip under the magnetic strip who broke …it is made too fragile…but is a shame chuwi does not support after sale their products like no replacement keyboards on the market or even AliExpress

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I know… It’s a shame.

there is a new version of the keyboard sold on chuwi store!!!