Can I attach surface pro keyboard with my ubook pro?

The keyboard i got with my ubook pro isn’t working anymore and I’m thinking of buying a new one. I was wondering since both laptops have the same size, can i use surface pro 4 or 5 keyboard with my ubook pro?

Iam sure that will not work like that. They have different connection ports.

But do you know why the Keyboard from chuwi dont Work anymore ? For example at normal using and it stopped? Or was there a Special Event?

Aliexpress carries spare UBook Pro keyboards for purchase.

It works but only at a certain angle. I talked to aftersale but they said the keyboard only has 3 months of warranty.

Also mine has problem. I think problem is connecting flat cable that was not well designed or assembled.
3 months of warranty is completely unacceptable !!!
This will be my first and last buy of a Chuwi product !!

Yes I know. That’s why I’d prefer to buy a surface keyboard than buying from chuwi again

As keyboard is useless now ( need to waste a lot of time to find the right position where keyboard is working and than be careful to not move…) i am using the UBook as tablet, i cut the textile on the back where is passing the flat connection cable.
It has a cut of 2/3 mm and this is the problem. I ever used he Ubook in very gentle way, so the problem is the material and quality of the connection cable. And this happens after only few months of use.

I think all the UBook will have this problem in few time…
Alleged an esplicative photo…

Guys what is the version of the surface keyboard that works with ubook pro?

There is no Surface keyboard that works with the Ubook Pro. Although they look very similar, they use different interfaces to connect so they aren’t compatible. Maybe you’re confused with the Chuwi H6 pen, which is in fact interchangeable with the Surface Pro pen?

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Did someone bought a new blue keyboard? Does it have the same problems as the original Grey keyboard?

Mine came with the blue keyboard (actually more of a purple hue), and it did have the updated firmware that fixed the lighting and made the touchpad a “Precision Touchpad”. However, it also had the drifting mouse cursor…

I “hated” the purple so muh I actually ordered the black/grey version off of GearBest (probably one of the last they had) and that one came with the older firmware, so backlight was very erratic and sometimes worked in standby but the touchpad was much more precise. The new firmware fixed the lighting but re-introduced the drifting cursor.

All-in-all: I think they’re exactly the same, just a new colour to show the models that have the new firmware already installed.

I meant the quality of cable between keyboard and connector. 'Cos in my old keyboard it’s just break up and that’s it, like in a picture above. So if chuwi did not used something else in it, a new keyboard going to die after few month too.

I believe they are identical hardware-wise, but I’m really not sure. I’ve been (ab-)using the black/grey-version daily since May and haven’t had any breaking connectors yet, so here’s to hoping…

God for you) But I don’t want to spend money on keyboard like that one more time. So my plan is to buy on aliexpress bluetooth keyboard for surface pro. The size is the same, but connector is not, so I’ll disassemble my old keyboard and get connector from it and replace it with bluetooth keyboard. Wish me good luck)

If it’s a Bluetooth keyboard then it doesn’t require a connector I’d think? :slight_smile:

Like this

I assume you are talking about the magnetic connection, right? Let us know if this works.

Yeah. There will be full guide if it’ll work.

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the keyboard has arrived. But there are several problems with it. Not only the connector from this keyboard does not fit the ubook, but also the magnetic stripe (different arrangement of magnets). So, I had to change it to the one that was in the original keyboard. Due to the fact that the magnetic stripe from the ubook is thicker than that of the surface, it took up more space, because of this it was not possible to install the connector so that the laptop closes as it should. As a result, I decided to leave the magnetic stripe, and refuse the connector (it still does not charge this keyboard). I say in advance that the connector on the surface is smaller than that of the ubook, so replacing it is very difficult, because it sticks out from the fabric. In general, the keyboard itself for the surface is much better and although it holds on a laptop so-so I’m happy with the result.

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thank for sharing your experiencie