UbookPro dock cable pinout

Hello, some days ago y purchased a second hand N4100 Ubook Pro at very good price.

I purchased an original keyboard but didn´t work. Some days ago i opened the tablet and unfortunately discovered that the previous owner cut the cable that connects the dock connector to the mainboard. As i haven’t the connector to the mainboard (part of the cable were lost) is imposslble for me to solder it directly because i don’t have the pinout scheme.

Can anybody measure the pins on that cable and make a connections scheme to make a new cable and repair the dock connector? Or is there any possibility to purchase that cable?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards.

The point 1 is the cable that tje previous owner cut and the point 2 is the place where the cable must be connected.

Can anybody help?

Finally i have written to Chuwi service and they can sell me the cable but unfortunately is not in stock now.

I have to wait some time, i hope they receive it soon.

Thank you anyway.

After a month and a half since they sent me the cable i received it and replaced in the tablet.

Now the original keyboard with touchpad works perfectly. I’m happy.

Best regards and thanks to the Chuwi official service.