Ampliación disco duro corebook x 7th

Hola, tengo un corebook x 7th y quisiera ampliar disco duro, lleva m.2 2280 pero no se si es nvme o sata. Alguien me recomienda un modelo por favor?

Hello, support SATA。

Al entrar en la bios veo que también tiene nvme enable


So far I can remember and it was on CHUWI page, the second slot, for SSD expansion, works at SATA protocol only.

Pero el slot no tiene doble ranura sólo la individual


If I-m not mistaken, the door you opened is to access 2nd Slot, which only allows SATA Protocol. And Main slot where you have the SO is only accessible if removing the whole backplate.

When you opened this small, you removed the current SSD from there or it was empty?


Estaba vacío, pero al entrar en la bios pone soporte nvme enable. Y ese slot de la foto es sata? No parece que tenga la doble entrada de los sata

Hello Puri,

if when you opened, this slot was empty, and you have your OS running, it-s because you must have another drive inside the laptop which is the primary. This slot should be for the expansion SSD which only allows SATA.

You may use CrystalDiskInfo software to check which protocol your current SSD is using.