Anyone tried waydroid + stylus?


desktop linux e.g. ubuntu have a new method to use android, using “container” method.
waydroid is one (but force to use wayland window system, not the old X win but
doesn’t affect user much).

as you know, any android x86/chromeOS x86 cant get the stylus working or is not official.

Indeep, hi10x’s stylus work on almost any desktop linux e.g. ubuntu, and ubuntu also use wayland now.

so my plan is to install

ubuntu (using wayland) + waydroid + google play store(allowed) and then use android app.

android apps are far more popular than linux, but android apps run in sandbox and the file handle protocol sucks, because it run as sandbox too. so 1 app cant access the other app’s data.

the above desktop linux + android would allow what i want.

currently my hi10x is still used as air gapped windows 10.
i will try later but may take some time.

others who have time or struggling could try 1st.


ps: stylus is the most troublesome problem i think.
anbox is halt on development.