Battery life problem

I bought my hi10x in May, I immediately noticed that the battery life is not excellent but it can work. For a few days the battery life has been drastically reduced, it lasts about an hour, no more.
Is it a hardware or software problem?
I await news as soon as possible, I can’t manage it, I also use it for work.

You still got this under warranty?

Yes, i’m still under warranty

You have to ask tech repair stores near you, they will run a test and tell you the problem or try to test the battery manually to make sure the issue you’re facing with the software.

Hi. all

My Hi10X’s battery status is


Serial Number is 0, Design Capacity is non-available. These are invalid value. I wonder if this battery is not initialized properly or used/B-class one (because full charge capacity is enough less than 26,600mWh).

How is your Hi10X’s battery?

if you want to get battery info., execute command in cmd.exe

powercfg /batteryreport

Then, “battery-report.html” is generated in your home directory.

it seems the battery status is the same …

There is no data line in the battery pack, this is normal.

Hi @Biosham. You are an experienced engineer, I think.

If no data line like I2C, how does BIOS know the amount of charge in a Battery.
Of course, Model name.

I seem to have no enough knowledge.
I will turn this over to you.

There are several options for measuring the charge level, not sure which one is used in this tablet.

1 option: the battery information (manufacturer, serial number, maximum charge and voltage) is flashed in the multicontroller (EC IC) or in the bios IC. The current charge is tracked by the battery voltage, the values of the remaining charge and the capacity are based on the information from the firmware and can change depending on the number of charge cycles.

Option 2 (like on old android devices): the level of charge and capacity are precalculated and depend only on the voltage. The manufacturer and serial number are specified in the system.

Option 3: Windows drivers. They calculate the maximum charge based on voltage, current consumption(if possible). After several full charge-discharge cycles the charge level information will be accurate.

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For example - hi10 air, no multicontroller, only + and - battery contacts, most likely the charge information is calculated by the drivers or drivers+bios information.
There was a software glitch after replacing the battery :slight_smile:

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I found the Setting related to battery in BIOS.

As you see, there are settings of two batteries for Hi10X (L830 and L850).
This means that most parameters of batteries are predefined by BIOS, not proveded by the battery ( name of Battery, design capacity, voltage for charging, of course charging method ). I really understand why battery manufacture name is “GLK_MRD”.

Anyway, now I have some questions.

  • What battery we should use to exchange old battery with for Hi10X?
  • Which setting in BIOS we should choose for the battery we have?
  • How long does CHUWI stock the repair parts (including battery) after discontinuing products? (in the case of major manufactures, usually 5~7 years)


Any battery with similar parameters - 7.4V, battery size 30124135, 7pin (you can swap controller if there is no similar battery with 7pin connector)

It is better to ask these questions directly to the manufacturer.


The battery in Hi10X has only 2 cables and soldered to PCB directly (and not 7.4V). Of course model name is printed on the package. From the view of safety, I would like to use compatible battery but probably I never know about it now and in the future.

And… if you and manonegra222 (Liders) cannot answer, I think CHUWI service will respond in the same way.

Thank you for reply.

Maybe hi10x has different batteries according to revision.
I’ve only seen with these batteries.

I think so.

Anyway, if CHUWI does not stock repair parts by any chance, device malfunction may be equal to the end of device life.


I show here one example of the battery that is normal.
(edit1 Oh, I forgot to write that this battery is used for the PC which is not CHUWI’s.)

The names of the battery and the manufacturer are exactly existing ones in reality.
S/N and design capacity is VALID value.

For people in another topic, I show more screenshots.

“Capacity remaining” is properly estimated VALUE, never invalid “-”.
Of course, “Energy drained” is also.

I have to write some CHUWI products have the serious design failure. In other words, they are nearly defective products.

And this is talking to myself

If I pay 3times more than Hi10X, I can get 4times faster, 4times large storage, 4times fast graphics, 14inch screen 2in1 tablet with 3years warranty(of course, no shipping cost). Moreover it includes Wacom compatible stylus pen (of course mouse pointer is always precisely under the pen tip). I have learned that. Good luck, CHUWI.


Battery deteriorates by charge/discharge cycle.
In the screenshot above 1st max. capacity is 52500mWh, the max. capacity after charging is 52240mWh.

If your battery reports exactly same full capacity all the time, it’s disguising it as a permanently stable battery, but such a material never exists.

What a sharp design/product :smile: