Battery replacement slow cpu

I removed the battery because it swelled a lot, and now I’m using it without an internal battery, just plugged in, and I have a speed problem, it limited the processor speed to 2ghz, the notebook is very slow, it would have some configuration What can I do until the new purchased battery is delivered?

Were you able to use it without battery, only with charger?

How is your energy setup at Windows?

Yes, only with charger.

i’m using it in high performance in energy setup, but my cpu is always limited at 2,30ghz.

Hello again,

  1. Got the impression laptop wouldnt work without the battery but this info is good.

  2. These are the BIOS setup I have:

And these are the max speed I’m having

Captura de tela 2023-09-04 082024

Check if yo have the same.
I’m using USB-C for powering.

Hello! I have the same configs, but at slow ghz, i’m using the original chuwi charger

I wonder if it’s due to the missing battery.

I would say, do one more test. Power it using USB-C with a 65W or higher charger.

Yes, i thinks it’s the missing battery, when i got the new one i will post an att here. Have tested with usb C powered in my dell monitor that can deliver 90W, but is the same 2ghz.

Quick Question…
Where did you find available the battery to replace?

I find it in aliexpress

Could you share the link after, and also when you receive, the feedback

11.5V 4000mAh 505979-3S1P 505979-3S1P-1 bateria do portátil para Chuwi Corebook X / Corebook Pro CWI528 CWI529 notebook - AliExpress

Thanks! It´s a bettery without all the frame and the screw parts. I hope this works fine. Please share how you manage to fix the battery inside the laptop after.