Bigs problems whith my new Lapbook Pro (8GB Ram)



I just received my Lapbook Pro, version 8/256
Nice product, but it works very badly.

I’m having problems with the touchpad. Certain functions (but not all), such as tapping to select a window, hang at times, very randomly. When this happens, the touchpad becomes very difficult to handle (the pointer moves with difficulty on the screen, and you have to press very hard on the touchpad to open a link, a window). I manage to get by with a usb mouse, but it’s not normal not to be able to use the touchpad correctly.
The lapbook says that the driver (which dates from 2006?) Is up to date and that it works well. But it really isn’t.

I also have problems with entering text.
The machine writes all by itself a series of incomprehensible characters resembling dots. These characters are then very difficult to remove and their presence prevents the forms from being correctly filled in (password, wifi key, etc.).
This makes using the computer almost impossible.
I tried twice to uninstall / reinstall windows 10, but it did not solve the problems

Can you help me ?
This laptop has a very nice design, I would be sad to have to send it back to the seller
Thank you

I am sorry to read this, but it seems that your LapBook Pro has a hardware problem since you have reinstalled Windows and continue to do so.
The fact that the driver has a date of 2016 does not mean anything, it is a Windows 10 driver and has not received an update because it has not needed it.
Contact the seller and get a replacement or refund.

If I have to send it back, I would be really disappointed.

When I say having installed / uninstalled windows 10 twice, in fact I mean that I used the tool found in the parameters, the one called “recovery”.

Maybe it was not a real uninstall / reinstall? I did not use an external usb key and when I reset windows, I was not connected to the internet (impossible to enter the wep key for the wifi terminal)

Perhaps there is something more radical to do?

I wish I could keep it, when it works properly - it happens sometimes - it is really nice.

Ps: for the touchpad driver, the computer says 2006 and not 2016, that’s why it surprises me

I have a good new.
My lapbook is working and it seems to be doing well.
I searched for hours and, finally, it was a simple thing. Just a blocked key (the one next to the ‘1’ at the top of the keyboard).

Thank you for sharing your experience and solution. Sometimes big problems have simple solutions.
I hope you enjoy your device