BIOS option to start computer without pressing the power button


I need to have my computer (RZBOX) to start as soon as there is power to the power adapter.

I found what is supposed to be the related option in the BIOS under Ac Power Loss Options.
I set the AC Loss Control to [Always on] but the computer never starts when power is back on. I always have to press the power button.

The BIOS version on my new Chuwi (received on november 2022) is 2.22.1282 and AC01_V03.01_T0008

So, either this BIOS option does not work and a new BIOS firmware is required or this option depends on another option.

So, what is the solution to have this PC to start as soon as there is AC power ?


Oh well… I had a reply from the seller on amazon in the taxland site : you must press the button every time !
Sorry but… NO, not gonna happen, ever.

Oh, and the CPU temperature jumps to 101 °C in a few tens of second while doing 7-zip benchmark.
This machine has a very big cooling problem that I can’t fix. Or I just did by sending it back to where it comes from. These nice looking big aluminium plates are just here for show off.

I have already ordered a Minisforum DeskMini TH50 for the same price and a way lower temperature and noise.

Good luck everybody.

check if your device has properly connected the fan