BIOS reset - Larkbox

When the rewrite is complete, the blue LED will go out. Your PC has shut down. Rewriting is dangerous. Be careful not to make it a box.

2020年10月29日(木) 19:17 Sanjay Khandagale via CHUWI | Official Forum <>:

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Okay thanks alot for your help, will give it a go this weekend.


I will do my best for you too. Good luck :+1:

2020年10月29日(木) 21:19 Sanjay Khandagale via CHUWI | Official Forum <>:

Just an update yesterday Chuwi Support team replied for the Bios Reset query asking serial number which I provided yesterday iteself.
Waiting for them to provide bios/instructions to reset it. Lets see.
Will keep you guys updated here.

I really hope there’s a fix. It was a really cool product until it became bricked.

Someone over on the Indiegogo comments of the “other” mini PC vendor mentioned a way to reset the BIOS on his Larkbox. Below is their post. Good Luck

Not sure if this helps. The BIOS is fragile, alot of settings can brick it. Chuwi forums has a lot of bricked Larkboxes but i found no solution. In the end i gave up waiting for support, opened up the unit and removed the CMOS battery. Press & hold power for 15s, let it sit over dinner then after putting it back together, BIOS was reset and it booted up for me! The setting that bricked mine was Chipset > South Bridge > OS selection.


…good eye, this could help a lot of people if it works !


Thought I’d share my experience.
I found that my Larkbox Pro was unreactive after a big windows update. After restart it would show logo, spinning dots and then stay dark.
I forced a reset by holding the button down a few times and then then eventually I got a ‘please wait’ on screen also. Then it booted in to a troubleshooting mode. Then I navigated menu options until i got to an uninstall update option - there are 2 of them. I could only choose 1 of them, so I did. It took a while - about 1/2 hour I think. Then at least it would boot to windows. I read here that the problem is probably the graphics driver in the windows update so I went here… and let it update the graphics driver ( also wifi and bluetooth) - chose - ‘restart later’., let it finish all then restarted. It’s been working ever since.

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Giving it a try today lets see, have disconnected battery pressed power btn 15secs and kept it aside without battery will check tomorrow and update you guys.

Successfully bricked mine via BIOS settings, standard blue light and no video or any reaction on usb. I think that NVRAM in firmware is damaged, or have settings, that cause failure. Interesting thing: if i’ll power it on, and wait 1-5 minutes, chuwi logo is displayed, but none happens after that (and fan also don’t work, so after 15-20 minutes box is getting really hot). In that mode USB is non-functional - checked with usb sniffer - only power applied, no command/data/protocol exchange is going. Main flash (with bios image) is 25LB64 - i’ll try to flash it with external programmer with provided image from this topic (better to have a valid dump from working larkbox, but i’m out of luck and don’t want to brick another one while soldering it).
P.S. If somebody notice button pins near power button - this is reset button, but it simply reset system, not bios settings.
P.P.S. CHUWI really needs BIOS/UEFI Specialist to make a normally working firmware - currently they simply adopts development board firmware with minimal changes and no QA/QC (and a lot of bricked devices as result).

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Solution found, but it will void warranty and require soldering skills, good soldering station & spi flash programmer, that supports 1.8v chips (GD25LB64C is 1.8v chip, ch341 and other cheap versions will burn it, so don’t use it without level convertor). Disassembly larkbox, remove mainboard, find soic-8 chip with 25LB64CVIG on second line, desolder it, erase & programm with BIOS image from BIOS reset - Larkbox , solder it back, assembly larkbox & power it on. First power on will ended in power off & restart, after that larkbox will resume normal operation.
P.S. I don’t take any responsibility for damaged hardware, or anything else.

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Larkbox works fine for a few days then it bricks. Leave it for a few days and its ok again. Saw IT guy at work and he thinks it needs the firmware updating. see logged error.

Are you still on the OEM Windows 10, or 20H2? I have this exact same error after a clean 20H2 install (from USB media) and haven’t been able to fix it, but am not sure if the clean install caused it vs. an in-place update or if this was already an issue out of the box.

Edit: link to my post about the issue. Apparently another member did the exact same without ending up with the error, which makes me wonder if there are differing hardware or firmware revisions out there. LarkBox Pro: Updated but missing drivers (20H2) - MiniPC - CHUWI | Official Forum

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No, I was still on 1909. I don’t think its the version of windows that’s causing this. What we need is an updated firmware and bios from CHUWI. I think it feels like this because after it has been on for while (downloading/checking/installing windows update) and then it restarts. At that point it bricks. 1 blue blip of the light next to the power button then it disappears for a few seconds and then comes back solid again but bricked…

Reached-out to Chuwi France and they told me there’d be no updates for the firmware/bios for the Larkbox Pro. So, I’ve had enough of the abysmal after sales service and I’ve sent it back and got a refund (Amazon never quibble). When this little device works, it’s great - Quake 3 at 1920 X 1080p at a solid 80fps for example, but if I can’t rely on the thing starting-up the next day then what is the point ? BTW I did update to 20H2 wiped it and did a complete re-install. It was great - and did everything I wanted - streaming 4k video, many tabs open, copying files and a game demo - all at the same time. I thought it had been fixed - until I tried to turn it off and on again. Anyway, I don’t think I’ll be buying anything from Chuwi again. Bye.

That is terrible after sales support. Almost seems like Chuwi regards the LarkBox as a failed experiment, and just gave up on it. Such a shame, because the device is so very close to being awesome. For me, at least good to know that I did not cause that error message with mine, and that I won’t have to hold my breath for a potential fix in the future.

Sucks! Wished I came here before messing up with the BIOS. Fail QC by CHUWI. Something as easy as this would brick the device. It should be disabled.

Just look at the support we are getting in here. No real solution for this problem 6 months later. They are so clueless. I now understand why you should not pay for cheap Chinese products. Expensive Mac mini? You are actually paying for the software. I can’t agree more.

I will blog about this Larkbox and make sure nobody buys this fail product anymore.

opened up the unit and removed the CMOS battery. Press & hold power for 15s, let it sit over dinner then after putting it back together, BIOS was reset and it booted up for me!

This doesn’t work!

Hell no, I’ve literally tried everything.

anything new?

Same trouble here. I understand that the way to go is to connect an usb keyboard with the usb with the bios files connected. Then press the correct keys to make it boot from usb and let it reflash the bios… so I have read but I have not been able to succeed and still have a bricked larkbox.